Singapore Kindness Movement Branding

Kindness is in everyone. The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) wants to encourage everyone to start, show and share kindness.

We aspire to inspire graciousness one kind act at a time.

By sparing a thought for the people around us, we hope to create a gracious society, and make life better for you and me.


Kindsville Branding

Welcome to Kindsville, where being kind is taken seriously!
In the warm, wooded valley of Kindsville lives Singa and the Kindness Cubbies.

Take a tour around the happy town filled with kindness all year round, and explore the Kindness Cubbies’ favourite hangout places!

Tosh’s House

Singa and the Kindness Cubbies love to explore Tosh’s house as there are always new interesting gadgets. Tosh has his workshop set up in his house, and this is the place where many of Kindsville gadgets were created!

Click to visit Tosh's house.

Tomeo’s House

Tomeo lives in a ‘bread house’ that is inspired by his dream to be baker and a pastry chef. If you are there on a lucky day, you may even get to try his freshly baked pastries!

Click to visit Tomeo's house.

Singa’s House

Singa’s house is set in the centre of a running track. He loves sports and hopes to stay fit by exercising regularly. No wonder he was selected to enter the Ambassador Cadet School!

Click to visit Singa's house.

Sher’s House

Being the daisy lover and fan of all things girly, Sher likes to decorate her house with daisies and other flowers. She’ll be glad to offer some daisies to cheer up your day!

Click to visit Sher's house.

Kalle’s House

Kalle is the only Kindness Cubbie who lives on a tree house. Her love for outdoor adventures is evident in how she sets her house with ladders and wooden furnish. Spot her practicing her super somersault on her self-training days!

Click to visit Kalle's house.


This is where Singa loves hanging out the most! He is always peering into distant galaxies, dreaming about being the Kindness Ambassador to places where kindness is needed most. No surprises who is the next most regular visitor! Why do you think he lives just next door?

Grocery Market

The friendly neighbourhood Grocery Market is the place to go, when Tomeo has a sudden craving for burritos (he’s always having burrito cravings), or when Sher needs to pick up a card to send to a new friend from out-of-town. Most importantly, it is a place where the store manager greets you by your name!

Au Jardin de Kindsville

Home to many species of flowers and trees, Kindsville’s outdoor park is where the Cubbies go for all their fun and games. You may find Tomeo shooting some hoops at the basketball court, or Kalle honing her gymnastic skills at the playground. Don’t try this at home!

Shopping Mall

Where fashion meets lifestyle. Kindsville Mall always has something new going on. It is the buzz of the town! Whether it’s the latest movies or the trendiest clothes, the Mall has it all!

Kindsville Stadium

One of the best places to forge friendships is at Kindsville Stadium, because that’s where many community and sports events take place! Don’t miss out on the annual Friendship Cup and Olympiad Games, all happening in May!

Kindsville Underground

Don’t be fooled by the plain looking entrance, the Kindsville Subway System (KSS), is specially designed to cater to every Cubbie's needs. From special care zones to dedicated entrances for cubs with special needs, the subway is where we see kindness in the thick of action!

Kindsville Academy

Just like any regular school, Kindsville Academy has its fair share of bullies and unfriendly cubs. Other than the regular math and science, Kindsville Academy is the only school on their planet that teaches Kindness in their regular school hours, and has a significant impact on their annual assessment! (It’s not an exam subject though!)

Ice Cream Parlour

The Ice Cream Parlour is the Cubbies’ regular hangout joint, where they gather for desserts and brainstorming sessions. Desserts never fail to make everyone happy and give that extra push for the inspiration you need!

Windy Peaks

Kindsville is powered by clean energy, thanks to Windy Peaks. The windmills also serve as an attraction for cubs from other towns visiting Kindsville, as it has a spectacular overview of the whole town! The fresh air and constant breeze is always a refreshing break from homework and CCAs!

Compassion Compass Tower

The Compassion Compass is almost a living thing, measuring the level of kindness in Kindsville, by sensing activity around the whole town! Tosh and Singa are regular volunteers in the control tower, maintaining and fine-tuning the highly sensitive sensors and gears. Just don’t let Tomeo in there!

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