Kindsville Party 2017 – Where Parents And Children Bond Through Hurdles Jul 01, 2017

The 5th Annual Kindsville Party returns with an action-filled Parkour Challenge for parents and their children on 16th June 2017 held at GymKraft.

120 participants had a fun Friday evening scaling walls, balancing on bars and jumping through obstacles. The Parkour Challenge aims to encourage parent-child bonding where participants teach or support one another in their parent-child pairs. Through these activities, both parent and child display kindness by encouraging one another, being patient and showing empathy to others.

It’s a wrap for Kindsville Party 2017 but definitely not the end of showing kindness to the people around us. We would like to thank all participants for being gracious team players and for making this event a meaningful one. We look forward to seeing you at future Kindsville events!

Click here for photos from Kindsville Party 2017.