Write for Kindness 2018 Winning Stories & Poems Nov 01, 2018

Hello everyone! We are excited to share with you the winning books and poems for the Write for Kindness (WFK) 2018 competition. Click here to view the winning entries online. We hope that these stories and poems will come in handy in imparting lessons on paying kindness and goodness forward. Congratulations to the winning schools for their achievement.

About Write for Kindness

Write for Kindness is a national creative-writing competition organised by the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) and supported by the All In! Young Writers Festival by the Singapore Book Council. It is a platform for secondary, junior college, centralised institute, madrasah and international school students to promote kindness to the younger audience by creating age-appropriate and culturally relevant children’s stories, through short stories, poems and illustrations.

The theme for Write for Kindness 2018 is Make a Difference.

The objectives of the competition are to promote:

  • the value of kindness through stories and poems to pre-school children
  • the importance of stories and poems as a means to positively impact pre-school children in their character development
  • story and poetry as creative means of expressing cultural values
  • team work among youths who work together as a group to complete the stories, poems and illustrations
  • the appreciation and development of literary arts and local literature in our society