3 January, 2022
Parenting Talks 2022

Parents play an important role in nurturing values of kindness, graciousness and empathy in children.
Since 2017, SKM has been organising complimentary 1-hour Parenting Talks for Preschools, aiming to equip parents with tips on reinforcing positive values of kindness, graciousness and empathy in pre-schoolers.

As we embark on a new year in 2022, SKM will be extending our Parenting Talks to Primary and Secondary Schools’ parents as well!

For Preschool Parenting Talks, the topic that will be focused on will be Nurturing Kindness at Home.

For Primary/Secondary Parenting talks, schools may choose from one of the following five topics:
• The impact of media & technology on kindness
• Nurturing kindness and transitioning through P1
• Nurturing kindness in teenagers
• Kindness and Bullying
• Kindness through stressful situations

To register or enquire, please contact Ms. Si Ning at wong_sining@kindness.sg

*Please note that we have a minimum requirement of 30 parents to attend the parenting talks.
*Fees of $300 per school applies if fewer than 5 working days’ notice is given for cancellation, or if fewer than 30 parents attend the talk.


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