12 February, 2018
Seed Kindness Fund Junior 2018

A big HELLO!

It’s 2018 and we are launching Seed Kindness Fund Junior (SKF Jr). SKF Jr is a new programme for primary students in student care centres to promote the values of kindness and graciousness in their respective communities.

We would like to invite your centres to join us for a year of championing kindness in the community.

The theme for SKF Jr is, “______________, Make a Difference!”

Participating schools are invited to nominate up to nine students for this programme. These students and their teacher-in-charge would attend a ½ day interactive workshop in March 2018 to equip them with skills such as public speaking, critical and inventive thinking, project management, etc.  In addition, each approved proposal would also receive up to $150 funding to help kick start the kindness project.

Upon completion of the kindness project, these nominated students will be honoured as Kindness Ambassadors at the annual awards ceremony. By giving the students such recognition, it will encourage their peers to emulate their fine example.

To register:

Workshop registration


As registration for each session is limited, we encourage centres to register early to secure your preferred workshop dates and timing. On a first come first serve basis.

Registration closes on 1 March 2018, Thursday.

You may view the award ceremony 2017 photos here (Awards ceremony) and here (Photobooth).

Should you have any queries, feel free to contact Ms Faith Lee at [email protected] or at 6761 9126

Download the information guide from here:

SKF Jr 2018 Info guide


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