8 May, 2020
Write for Kindness 2019 Winning Stories & Poems

Hello everyone! We are excited to share with you the winning books and poems for the Write for Kindness (WFK) 2019 competition. Please find the PDFs of the winning entries on our website. We hope that these stories and poems will be useful in imparting lessons on paying kindness and goodness forward. Congratulations to the winning schools for their achievement.

About Write for Kindness

Write for Kindness is a national creative-writing competition organised by the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM), with the Singapore Book Council as our programme partner. It is a platform for secondary, junior college, centralised institute, madrasah and international school students to promote kindness to the younger audience by creating age-appropriate and culturally relevant children’s stories, through short stories, poems and illustrations.

The theme for Write for Kindness 2019 is Choose to Care. Choose Kindness.

The objectives of the competition are to promote:

  • the value of kindness through stories and poems to pre-school children
  • the importance of stories and poems as a means to positively impact pre-school children in their character development
  • story and poetry as creative means of expressing cultural values
  • team work among youths who work together as a group to complete the stories, poems and illustrations
  • the appreciation and development of literary arts and local literature in our society


Winner (Stories)

Anglo-Chinese Junior College
The Fantastic Finn and His Circus of Friends

Written and Illustrated by:
Tiong Wei Wen, Averie, Cleo Loi Xiang Ling, Tan Xin Yi Constance, Lee Qing, Cheong Wei San Sunny


1st Runner Up (Stories)

Tampines Meridian Junior College
The Bear and The Hare

Written and Illustrated by: Cheryl Tan, Ong Ann Xin, Jovie, Mikail Islam Bin Khairuddin, Nur Syahindah Bte Syahrom, Loh Jia Qing Amelia


2nd Runner Up (Stories)

DPS International School
Kindness Please!

Written and Illustrated by:
Aaryana Pradhan, Avni Aggarwal, Eya Raj Bhatt, Eka Raj Bhatt, Yanaa Barua


Best Illustration (Stories)

Crescent Girls’ School

Written and Illustrated by:
Louisa Wirawan, Maria Victoria Helena, Nguyen Minh Phuong, Tran Le Van, Esha Kejriwal


Consolation (Stories)

Tampines Meridian Junior College
Buddy’s Adventure in Game World

Written and Illustrated by: Tham Yong Hao, Raymond Khan, Rhonda Tan Jia Hui, Wong Jun Han, Cheryl Chen Siying

Winner (Poems)
East Spring Secondary School

Kindness in the Little Things

Written and Illustrated by:
Eman Adel Ali Ghloom Askar Hasan, Emerald April Moe Kyaw


1st Runner Up (Poems)
Outram Secondary School

A Helping Hand

Written and Illustrated by:
Aarthi Kris D/O Suresh, Isabelle Ariel Oentoro


2nd Runner Up (Poems)
North Vista Secondary School

Kindness Counts

Written and Illustrated by:
Nuraisyah Insyirah Binte Mohammed Insani, Cheng Tian Tse


Best Illustration (Poems)
Dulwich College, Singapore

The Last Straw

Written and Illustrated by:
Camille Cheng, Skye Young


Consolation (Poems)
Outram Secondary School

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Written and Illustrated by:
Kwek Zong Jin Jefferson, Low Jay Yee



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