Kindness Badge Junior


About Kindness Badge Junior

The Kindness Badge (Junior) is a mark of distinction awarded to students in Uniformed Groups who have completed tasks or projects that promote kindness and graciousness amongst their peers, within their schools, and to their families and communities. Achieving this badge identifies them as Ambassadors of Kindness. It is awarded by the Singapore Kindness Movement to deserving students who have demonstrated their passion and commitment to fostering a gracious society.

For the primary school level, the Kindness Badge Junior programme comprises three sections for students to work on in groups.

(1) Discovering Kindness

Create a kindness montage consisting of various content related to kindness – news articles, photos, stories, quotes

(2) Exemplifying Kindness

Carry out acts of kindness in your school/neighbourhood/other places and record the details in your activity booklet

(3) Inspiring Kindness

Identify ways in which more kindness can be shown in your CCA (e.g. greeting teachers, sharing resources). Then, create an item or performance to spread awareness about your ideas and present it to your CCA (e.g. poster, song, skit).


After completing the above sections, students can also proceed to the advanced level of the programme to attain a second badge. This section challenges students to take a deeper look at community issues and propose ways to address these issues.

(4) Discovering Kindness II

Visit an organisation for a talk or tour to find out how it meets a need in the community. Then, create and share a presentation/artwork about your key takeaways and ideas on how to contribute to this organisation in a meaningful way.


Registration Details

The Kindness Badge Junior programme currently has Brownies and Cub Scouts as its official partners, but students in all Uniformed Groups are welcome to participate.

All participating students will receive an activity booklet with more details about the activities to be completed. As this is a self-run programme, teachers may endorse on the booklets after students complete the activities, and then proceed to collect the badges. Booklets and badges are to be collected from the respective UG HQ (for Brownies and Cub Scouts) or from SKM (for all other UGs).

To register for the programme, please contact Ms Sarcthy at [email protected] or at 6761 9124.